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Let me introduce myself

Hey ALL! I am Ashley .

Born in Florida, raised and live in IL, heart and family away from home is in Texas.


Since being in the industry I have found my calling and what I love and it is boudoir. Call it selfish but making someone else feel wonderful about themselves is frickkkkin intoxicating and addicting. To me it is just hanging with the gals and having fun, pampering, and making them feel beautiful. I am a BOY MOM of 3, Got to get my girlie time in somewhere!! In all seriousness, It is so important to me, I have lost myself as so many of you have, I get it! We are surrounded by perfection that is almost impossible to obtain in this sexualized world. My Boudoirs are made from the eye of a woman, here and there I throw in images that are meant for your significant other, but these images are for empowering women and remembering that we are all beautiful in EVERY SHAPE, EVERY SIZE. CELEBRATE YOU!

My personal Life:

A little about my children. I am a mother of 3 beautiful humans ( 9, 4, 3 ) all boys. #boymom. All little blondes. My two youngest nuggets are Irish twins and quite the handful. I am always on the go staying at home full time while having my business full time, life sometimes seems impossible, but wait ....there is still laundry to do, dinner to cook , sports, images to edit.. but heck it sure is awesome and never a dull moment. 

My heart belongs to an officer of the law and a member on the Kane County SWAT team. On our rare free time we love trying new restaurants and visiting old favorites , craft beer , sushi, the walking dead, sons of anarchy, breaking bad, Shameless, True blood, the list goes on. We would rather go to a comedy show than a movie. We are opposites , I am the one on the dance floor and the one singing my heart out in the car he thinks im crazy but it keeps things interesting.


I have heavily pursued photography the last 4 years but have been shooting for almost 8 years. Self -taught by youtube and self determination , I am intoxicated with learning all the amazing things light gives us. I do have a degree in business, with minors in phycology and intergenerational studies (stages of life). I love all sides of photography, from behind the camera, to being in front of it as well as at a desktop where incredible things can happen to a photo with a little TLC.